It rained on us on Porth Ceiriad and Hell’s Mouth and then the sun came out for Aberdaron…..

Clear and sunny start, but it didn’t last long, by mid morning it clouded over and started to rain with quite a few heavy showers through the day until about half four when it started to break through again. We are made of stern stuff so went out anyway, got soaked twice and dried off naturally twice!!

Our first stop today was a Porth Ceiriad, a nightmare to find and when we did there was a P&D car park and I didn’t have the right change! We found off street parking in the village about a mile a way and walking through the rain I was having serious doubts as to whether it would be worthwhile…

Oh yes – a lovely stretch of yellow sand all to ourselves – we were pretty wet by the time we arrived but soon the rain stopped and we air dried whilst enjoying the beach.

Poppydog making countless footstep circles in the pristine sand which was littered with just enough pebbles to keep her occupied.

Now both relatively dry we made our way back up to the car just as it started to rain again!

Our next stop Hell’s Mouth (Porth Neigwl) was easier to find with a free car park just above the beach. Another great place to dry out as there was literally miles of mostly sandy beach and a rather welcome strip of blue sky heading our way from across the sea.

That’s better!

With the blue sky came this little chap.

Making all the difference in the world.

We had a lovely walk along the beach with no particular purpose apart from enjoying the view.

From here we have one last stop before heading back to site – Aberdaron.

A few people fishing and walking in this late afternoon sunshine. The village, quiet now but probably quite buzzy at busier times with a few pubs and cafes and a large NT car park.

The sun is about to disappear behind the hill – time to go home.

Two thoughts of the day:

I wonder how some of these remote beaches survive in the summer as there appears to be so little parking – Hell’s Mouth is probably a couple of miles long but there was only single track roadways and parking for maybe a dozen cars.

As I drive around I find my self trying to imagine how the village names are pronounced and how they translate – mind you, to fair, not enough to actually look them up!!

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