What a day – sun and beaches all day long…..

A fabulous day from the off and really warm through the afternoon. As the forecast is fairly rubbish for later on in the week, we needed to make the most of today, so we got an earlyish start and we’re soon parked up just above Porth Gwylan.

A pretty, sandy cove, albeit a bit weedy, accessed by a steep slipway with an old end wall of something or other still standing up above.

We continued along the coastal path, heading eastwards.

After a mile, we arrived at this beauty, Porth Towyn.

A pristine sandy cove, sheltered with lovely clear waters. Apart from the small caravan park above, this really is in the middle of nowhere.

Though tempted, we didn’t hang about for long before we headed back to the car and on to our next stop – the stunning long sand beach of Penllech.

Poppydog had a ball chasing seagulls and stones and I made an attempt to preserve my fading tan – it was so lovely and warm – if only this will last!

Up there with one of my favourites I think!

We were not done yet and our next stop was Whistling Sands.

At first we walked along the coastal path above the beach.

Initially with the aim to reach another remote beach – Porth Iago – but hey it was half four – let’s just go down and enjoy this beach,

The sand here is beautiful – white and sort of sugary in texture. Incidentally it is known as Whistling Sands because of the unique (one of 33 beaches in U.K.) sound made as you walk on the sand (after it has dried out a bit) – if you skid your feet a bit over the sand, it squeaks like trainers on a gym floor – I tried it and it is true .

We left as the sun was beginning to disappear from the beach at about 5.15pm and took our weary selves home.

What a fab day,

Two thoughts of the day:

Lleyn Peninsula- had never heard of it before but wow!!

Think we might be in for a tough few days but we shall carry on ‘living the dream’.

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