Dinas Dinlle beach…..

Bit of a wild night (we were warm and cosy) followed by a very wild day, grey and mostly dry. A few miles from site we landed up at Dinas Dinlle a rather run down few houses and couple of cafes, on the edge of the small jut of flat land that sticks out on the mainland side of the Menai Strait. Parking was free on the beach front, over a stony bank and miles of deserted sand – with mountains and black stormy clouds as a backdrop to the left.

And yes miles of empty sand to the right – Poppydog had a ball!!

The wind was howling along the beach, but we didn’t mind and walked the full three miles of it (only meeting one other solitary walker).

Pausing for a while on a sun and sea bleached branch and stack a few stones.

Before continuing around the headland into the Strait.

The long Newborough beach and Llanddwyn Island with it’s twin beacons visible but only just, beyond South Sands the Caernarfon sandbank.

At the very end was an old fort, which I suspect is now a residence (not too many Forts with pampas grass in the back garden!) and then we followed the slightly inland route back to get a bit of respite from the wind.

We did so well and were within 15 minutes of the car when one of those black clouds that had been scudding around all afternoon caught us!! Ah well as it passed through a little glimpse of where the sun should be.

Two thoughts of the day:

They say every cloud has a silver lining and I guess it does.

That wind us still howling around out there – not rocking just howling.

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