Last day on Anglesey – Newborough another Wow!….

Breezy, dry, chilly but lots of sunshine – all is good. Our last walk on Anglesey, so we made it a good one and parked up just off the main road in one of the Newborough Forest parking spaces (to avoid paying the £5 toll to get nearer to the beach!) and set off following one of the many footpaths through the forest to the beach (about a mile or so).

Part way along the footpath is close enough to see the wonderful sands of the Newborough Warren Nature Reserve following the river Cefni, through the trees.

Out of the woods and over the dunes and look at this…

Miles of lovely sand and to the south you can see Llanddwyn Island with it’s old lighthouse and beyond the Mountains of Snowdonia.

The beach was absolutely deserted, which I thought was surprising for a sunny Saturday afternoon (as it turned out they were all walking along Newborough Sands, just around the corner, but near the carpark!).

As we wandered along the beach we came upon the skeleton of an old boat, creating a Poppydog sized pool in the sand.

There is so much sand here it almost seems unfair!

Llanddwyn Island is separated from the mainland by a chunk of sand and is only cut off at the highest of tides, though I’m not sure I would take my chance on a windy day! The island has lots of little sandy bays.

With the ruins of an old chapel in the centre and a large cross in Queen Victoria’s memory.

An old beacon to guide the way into the Menai Straits, which was replaced by a lighthouse in 1845 (though it is now the older beacon that carries a warning light) sit proudly above the island.

There is a little row of terraces, which once housed the Pilots (who guided ships into the Strait) and there families, sit tucked away near the disused lifeboat station and are currently being used by a TV company and occupied by families who are reliving the whole 1900’s experience.

The footpath around the island is made from white shells and adds to the magical feel of the place.

We were quite enthralled by the place. The little chimney pots tucked away from the prevailing winds with fantastic vistas across the Strait to the mountains of Snowdonia and to the lovely long white Newborough Sands – how would that be for a place to live (apart from the hundreds of visitors of course!)?

I believe we may have saved the best to the last! We took a stroll part way along the quite busy Newborough Sands before cutting back through the Forest to our car – a fair old 9 miler for us today.

Two thoughts of the day:

Anglesey more than just a footstep to Ireland and definitely somewhere worth a second visit.

We probably could have done with another week here but the site closes for the winter and I think we have visited every beach!

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