One year on…..

It is hard to believe but we have been ‘living our dream’ for a whole year now as we set off from The Lizard in Cornwall (home) on the 5th of October last year. We made our first stop at Cross Common, just north of St Agnes.

And here we are on Anglesey one year later.

It feels like a good time for a bit of a review and to share some of our highlights – so here we go:

We have driven some 6500 miles.

Swapped Motorhome for car and caravan.

Walked around 2150 miles.

Visited more than 300 beautiful beaches.

Consumed a few more than 90 bottles of wine.

Read at least 145 books.

The U.K. coastline is estimated at 11000 miles in length – have we done maybe a 7th? No idea but time will tell!!

Amount of crafty stuff done – None!

Taken 3754 photos.

Enjoyed sunny days

Rainy days and rainbows

Snowy days

Grey and stormy days

Can’t see a thing days

And many hot and beautiful days

Living this very simple life is so good. Plenty of fresh air, walking and just enjoying the natural beauty around us – oh yes we certainly are enjoy ‘living our dream’.

Here’s to the next 5? years

8 thoughts on “One year on…..

  1. Hi Clare

    Your one year on post has some lovely pictures in it. What an amazing year you have had.

    Keep enjoying the travelling.


  2. Wonderful! It really makes my day to see your photographs and thoughts on your travels. I love to see you living your dream – it is so inspiring!
    But watch it – this travelling lark is addictive. We thought that we might travel for 3 years – and a couple of months on, we’re there already. (A bit like those few months between the 40th and 50th birthdays!)
    Unfortunately, we have at least another 16 years of trips planned!
    Here’s to year two. ENJOY!


    • So totally understand – originally thought it would take me 3 years – now reckon it is likely to be 5 -7 and that is just the UK then who knows? I do know that I am really enjoying life and appreciate how lucky I am – and I guess the same goes for you two as well – just think by rights we should all be gainfully employed rather than ‘living the dream’! Keep on travelling and living

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