A run around Tywyn Aberffraw and then to the beach…..

Wet start to the day but fortunately dried up by lunchtime though remained grey. As the weather is not great and we did plenty of walking over the last couple of days, I decided to let Poppydog do all the hard work for a change. We drove to the same place as yesterday but instead of heading straight down to the beach, we followed one of the many paths through Tywyn Aberffraw, a large area of dunes, leading down to and along Aberffraw Sands.

So I ambled and Poppydog charged (off lead) around for a good hour before we eventually joined the beach.

What a lovely beach, a huge stretch of lovely clean sand, backed by soft white marram grass covered sand dunes and quiet enough for Poppydog to run around without bothering anyone else,

We made our way to the far end of the beach and wandered around exploring all the sandy little books and crannies.

We attempted to follow the foreshore further south to discover the six little sandy coves known as ‘Sixpenny’, mentioned in the Wild Swimming Hidden Beaches (one of my trusty companions) book, but alas as mentioned in the book there was no way across private land to even catch a glimpse of them from above.

Never mind this beach is more than enough for us.

Two thoughts of the day:

We have been on the road for exactly one year today – how lucky are we?

It was nice to watch Poppydog having so much freedom today.

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