A bit further down the coast at Aberffraw….

A very grey and overcast day, with just a hint of damp in the air and a chilly breeze – but hey it is October! We parked up on the edge of Aberffraw but instead of heading to the beach, we took the path along the western bank of the river (village side) out to the sea. Lovely sandy walk on the opposite bank.

Fabulous view of Aberffraw Sands, across the river.

On this side is the part sandy, mostly rocky cove of Porth Lleidiog.

Following the path along the coast (not very popular on this damp and wild day!) we arrived at the wide Porth Cwyfan with little patches of sand, pebbles and rocky outcrops.

Home to this little island (accessible by causeway, apart from at very high tides) of Cribinau on which stands St Cwyfan’s church built in the 12th Centuary and known as the ‘Church in the Sea’.

How amazing – shame it was such a grey day.

The path moved inland at this point, by-passing the headland that is home to Anglesey Race Circuit. Shortly after we rejoined the coast we arrived at Porth Terfyn (only accessible from the sea) with our destination the lovely Cable Bay in the background.

Roughly a 5.5 mile walk so far, so a sit down in a fine sheltered spot was in order.

And a little splash around for Poppydog before our return journey.

We tried a bit of an inland route for part of the way back, with pretty lousy results! The path was marked quite clearly to start with and appeared to take a fairly straight route through fields but as is my experience in the past the markers tend to be missing or vague the further you get. In this instance, things started to go wrong as we ventured into a field of sheep. Generally I have two issues with sheep – Poppydog who gets hysterical if they start to skip away, which invariably they do! And the amount of poo!!! everywhere. Add to this 3 dead ones (that I saw) – it was not a pleasant experience and I was glad to get out into the next field. But… we had got about 30yds in and over a slight hill and were met with 50 pairs of cow eyes (worse still Heifers!) and they were all looking at us! They were probably about 150 yds away but then started to skitter in our direction – oh no – I’m not ashamed to say we scooted out of that field pretty quickly.

So back through the sheep and fields we went!

On a positive note (believe me I did express a few negative ones) the sun almost made an appearance over St Cwyfan’s.

Two thoughts of the day:

Footpaths really wind me up – they either fizzle out, are deliberately blocked or are impossible to walk without either, getting wet / covered in something green and undesirable or twisting your ankle in ways it shouldn’t be!! Grrrr!

Just over 10.5 miles and about 6 hours – I am done!

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