Rhosneigr and it’s collection of beaches….

A grey start to the day but we got a lovely bit of sunshine for a while in the afternoon and the breeze is not so chilly. We parked up at the edge of the RAF Valley airfield and followed the footpath, running alongside the waterway that separates the Holy Island from Anglesey and past the lovely inland sandy beach of Rhyd y Gari.

Over a couple of dunes and out onto the stunning Cymyran Beach.

With a look up the waterway and at the little sandy coves at the end of Silver Bay on the other side.

The beach, a good mile of lovely sand (just enough pebbles to keep Poppydog happy) was pretty much deserted and we loitered a while enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

We continued along the beach – looking back – how stunning?

Out to the rocky outcrops, the nearer ones still accessible across the sand.

Around the corner onto Crigyll Beach, with our first view of Rhosneigr.

The path leaves the beach here, crossing the dunes to a footbridge leading you through the village, before rejoining the main Rhosneigr beach.

Strangely lots more seaweed on this beach – oh yes and people! A little further around this uninspiring village and we arrived at Llydan Beach.

The sand here is a bit coarser and as you can see the sun had more or less moved on!

A few surfers were hanging in in there waiting for the ‘wave’, but to my inexperienced eye, I think they were in for a long wait!

There was quite a big expanse of freshwater which I’m sure is very popular in the summer.

We could have carried on as there are a couple more beaches on this stretch to see but after 5.5 miles and we’ve still got to get back to the car – so enough and back we headed,

Just in time to watch the Harrier’s land back for their tea!

Two thoughts of the day:

Cymyran Beach wins hands down today.

It was quite fascinating watching the aircraft flying around as we walked today.

One thought on “Rhosneigr and it’s collection of beaches….

  1. Rhosneigr also has a special place in the hearts of windsurfers – they too spend their time there waiting not only for a wave, but for the wind as well!
    The Pro windsurfer whom I always chase to have my photo taken with – Ben Proffitt – is known as the Rhosneigr Ripper! The first time, I was overcome with nerves and got my friend to ask him if I could have a photo. He had just stepped down from the podium at the PWA Wave Classic in Kerry. “Who would want to have their photo taken with me?!” he said.
    Such a lovely guy!

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