From Bwa Du to Silver Bay…

A grey day, all day today, not even a glimmer of sun, but atleast the rain held off until we were on our way home. We drove to the little village of Rhoscolyn, parking up by the church and taking the footpath to meet up with the coastal path. Initially we walked north to Bwa Du, the purpose being to look at the natural arches that I had read about. Unfortunately though, they were not visible from above, or because the tide was in, or I was looking in the wrong place, not sure which.

Not to worry, we about turned and walked a few miles south along the coastal path, mostly across open heathland, saw a sheep or goat in a seemingly impossible position- looking for grass?

Before long we could see the small island and Rhoscolyn Beacon.

Then over the headland, passing the Coast Watch station, down into the little sandy cove of Porth-y-Corwgl.

The footpath cuts through a few remote houses (fab place to live – though I suspect a few are probably second homes) and onto Borthwen beach. A lovely sheltered sandy cove with a pretty island strewn outlook to sea.

The beach was almost deserted – so well we enjoyed it for a while.

Our work was not done, so we continued along the path, looking back over the cluster of islands around Borthwen and marvelling at the way the sea erodes the rock.

After a while (not having seen a single person since leaving Borthwen, we arrived at our destination, the beautiful and completely deserted Silver Bay.

Simply stunning, even on this nondescript grey day, imagine it in full sunshine with turquoise seas?

After three hours walking, I took a well earned sit whilst Poppydog ran around on the beach, chasing stones and splashing around in the shallows, before we took an inland route partly through woodland, back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is something quite tropical about white sand.

Today’s walk certainly confirms this area as a fabulous holiday destination and I have to say not a static van in sight!

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