From Conwy Sands to Llandudno Bay…..

A mild dry day, plenty of blue sky but the sun remained stubbornly behind the clouds for most of the day. We drove to Deganwy, a seaside village on the peninsula of Great Ormes Head and found plenty of free parking along the front. As with so much if this coastline the beaches are backed by piles of stones, in some cases clearly manmade as part of the sea defences and in others looking more naturally laid. On the other side of the river is the lovely remote sands of

Our first beach was Melyn with some serious looking black clouds hanging over the top of Deganwy.

Beyond the breakwater we joined Conwy Sands with Great Ormes Head looming up above.

From here it was a short walk into Llandudno a very sedate Victorian seaside town (all the new builds and many of the grander houses appeared to be retirement or care homes, so little wonder it has quite a sedate feel about the place) with a grid of wide residential streets running between the two coasts and some sort of link to Alice in Wonderland – hence this angry looking sculpture of the Queen of Hearts.

We wandered out on to the pier, which is quite quaint and old fashioned but I forgot to take a photo! It has old fairground type stalls along with the obligatory amusement arcade, hot donuts, bucket and spade shops oh yes and a pasty stall – result! So I enjoyed a pasty whilst Poppydog kept the seagulls at bay! Nice views to Great Orme and the tidy row of houses overlooking the main beach.

We walked along the mostly stony beach (all sand under water now), played for awhile – I was quite mesmerised by the wind farm out at sea – why are they not all in time? or the same speed? Have they paid for themselves?

It was then time for the walk back – still plenty of sand on the Conwy side of town and just a little glimpse of the sun peeping through the clouds.

Two thoughts of the day:

This has got to be added to the list of random signs – what an earth does it mean?

Met a little very couple who told me all about the Marine Drive – a toll road that goes all the way around Great Orme – now the decision is shall we walk or shall we take the car?

A lovely Llanfairfechan day…..

As if Storm Callum had never touched us, the day dawn bright and still. May be a bit of frost on the ground or just a heavy dew, it is definitely colder, but hey the sun is shining – let’s enjoy! We drove to Llanfairfechan and parked up in the free beach front carpark. The main beach was just a series of banks of pebbles, though maybe some sand is exposed at low tide.

Walking on beyond (west), we found our sand. Fabulous sand banks as far as the can see with Anglesey and Puffin Island clearly visible in the background.

We enjoyed the sun and views for awhile as the tide started to make an impact, shrinking the sand banks as we watched.

In pursuit of more sand we decided to walk back into Llanfairfechan past the boating lake and follow the coastal path eastwards.

Along the promenade passing the main village beach (all stony still).

Now, we messed up somewhere and ended up walking on the footpath along the side of the very busy A55 – not at all pleasant even with the lovely views out to sea on our left.

After a rather hurried walk for a good mile and then a complicated route over the A55 and then back underneath it again, we arrived in Penmaenmawr.

Another pebbly beach, separated from the village by the roaring A55 – not high on my list of favourite spots but the sun was nice and Poppydog was happy chasing stones.

On the way back we managed to stick with the coastal path for a much more pleasant walk high up above the A55.

What a lovely little turret..

Mmmm not the best nine mile walk we have undertaken – higher hopes for tomorrow- let’s hope we hang on to the sunshine.

Two thoughts of the day:

The signal is not strong enough on site to load these photos and the blog so there will be a days delay in my news!

Is it my imagination but are the place names becoming more unpronounceable the further north we go?

Moving on to Abergele and the motormover saves the day…

At last – it seems like it has been raining and blowing forever but this morning dawned more or less dry and calm, by lunchtime the sun appeared – double wammy! The last couple of days weather has left the field we are sited in very water logged and I shall be picking damp leaves off the outside and from inside the van for weeks! It came as no great surprise that there was no way the car was going to pull the van out of the field, the van wasn’t stuck but I could barely get enough traction on the soggy grass to move the car – look what happened..

Anyhow the wonderful bit of kit – the motormover saved the day as she pirouetted the van off the field and I was able to hitch up in the lane.

Am easy journey and we were soon pitched up at our new home for the week on a small site just outside Abergele – North Coast here we come!

Two thoughts of the day:

Think I will steer clear of grass pitches until next summer!

The signal here is pretty weak so uploading photos are going to be a problem.

Caernarfon in the rain – not quite the town of my dreams…..

Another wet and wild (though slightly less wild – no shudders!) night and indeed, day, all day! No respite from the rain, so we went anyway. The plan was to give Poppydog a good run around on the Foryd Bay sands (just inside the Menai Strait) and then walk along the coastal path into Caernarfon. However, not for the first time, I got my tide times wrong and he was not long after high tide when we arrived and definitely no sand!

Just lots of weedy greyness, almost merging with the rain filled sky – perhaps on the way back, Poppydog. It rained and blew us the couple of miles into Caernarfon along the not particularly attractive coast road, around the last bend and there was the castle.

No flag up in our honour (though I didn’t let them know we were coming, to be fair!) and even allowing for the grey day effect, not the most attractive castle we have seen. Still we crossed the swing bridge taking a look down the Strait.

Around the castle walls we walked to a more modern inner harbour (signs of possibly becoming trendy!).

Then back round to look at the section of town within the walls (described (rather hopefully in my opinion!) as a myriad of little boutiques, shops and places to eat and drink) which we found to be rather grubby and run down Edwardian homes / shops with some very ugly 1950’s housing tucked just inside the walls. What a shame!

Never mind – we had seen enough and as it had almost stopped raining we passed the castle entrance in pursuit of a little fun on the beach.

Ok so maybe it looks better with the sun shining and a bit of sand exposed at a lower tide?

Two and a half hours after low tide we are back to look at the Sands in Foryd Bay? OK so it is now raining again – let’s call it a day and go home to get warm and dry!

Two thoughts of the day:

At least we didn’t waste this grey sand wet day discovering beautiful beaches!

How frustrating! Had it all planned out, after our walk we would do our weekly shop in Tesco’s, Caernarfon and then pick up a McDonald’s, opposite, to enjoy back in the warmth. Closed yesterday for a complete refurb!!!!

Blowing a gale at Aberdesach…..

After a very wet and wild night, though we were warm and cosy and ignoring the occasional shudder as the van got buffeted, the day continued in pretty much the same vein. Still as anyone with a Springer knows, wild weather is not a valid excuse for not going for a walk. Not wishing to drive too far, our first stop was just a few miles up the road at the little hamlet of Pontllyfni. We left the car up on the main road a walked the half a mile or so down to the beach – well when I say beach, I mean wild seas!!

Never going to be the prettiest beach we’ve seen but there is some sand underneath those waves (this was about 2 hours after high tide) and the surfers were having fun!

We wandered along for awhile trying to find the footpath that supposedly runs along the top to Aberdesach but couldn’t find it so we hopped back in the car and drove there.

As this is only a mile or so south, we encountered pretty much the same scenario. A bit more sand this time which meant that we could have a bit more of a play, though the wind was howling along the beach, making walking a fairly tough challenge!

Enough already! Time to go back to the warmth and dry out – absolutely no chance of air drying today!

Two thoughts of the day:

Apart from a couple of fairly inaccessible coves we have visited every beach on the Lleyn Peninsula and I am sure you will agree, found some absolute beauties.

The van is nicely pebbledashed in wet leaves – aah well they will soon blow away on the next dry day.