From Benllech the other way to Red Wharf Bay….

Quite a wild day today and much less sun around but still a good day. We returned to Benllech, parking as before, but this time we are heading right (eastwards) to look at Red Wharf Bay, around the corner from Benllech. As the tide is on its way out, we decided to walk above the beach along the coastal path.

Soon we emerged from the hedgerow to look across Red Wharf Bay, still mostly underwater but with little patches of sand making an appearance.

We carried on around into the estuary, watching more and more sand gradually appearing and randomly came across this sign!

Should we be concerned? Perhaps only if you are a duck!

As we reached the deepest point of the estuary the land became more marshy and the sand more muddy and at this point we decided to make our way back.

The tide was far enough out to enable us to walk all the way back along the beach – the sand is notably a deeper orange on the Red Wharf Bay side,

than round the corner at the end of Benllech Sands.

We found a little patch of pebbles to keep Poppydog entertained whilst I just sat and enjoyed the view in the blustery sunshine.

Before continuing to enjoy the full extent of this fabulous beach.

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m too tired to remember them!

From Benllech Sands to Bychan Beaches…..

Another mostly sunshiny day, definitely chillier but still great, especially for walking. We drove the couple of miles down to Benllech and took advantage of the free car park just off the main road and walked the few hundred yards down to the beach. As the tide was in we didn’t linger, taking the coastal path to the left or northwards if you prefer, which scrambled up and down close to the edge, though irritatingly (I wouldn’t have said this had it been raining!) this stretch was mostly canopied by hedgerow on either side, with just the odd glimpse of the sea. Also a fair chunk was closed due to landslide with the path detouring through a couple of holiday parks. After a couple of miles we caught our first glimpse of Bychan Beaches (at low tide they are joined by a strip of sand). The first beach, which was mostly stony, with low tide sand gradually being exposed was empty and ideal for Poppydog to enjoy a run about.

Then it was a short up (steps) across a couple of fields and down (steps) to the second beach, which was sandier but busier (car park). The beach had a dingy park along the back, so probably very busy on a nice breezy day.

We decided to walk on a little further and were rewarded with lovely uninterrupted views out to sea, in the distance I could see a wind farm somewhere off the north coast of Wales. Poppydog, uninterested in the view just enjoyed playing in the grass with a ball – heathen!

We returned via the roadway (footpath all the way) and then popped back down to have a look at Benllech Sands and wow what a beauty – we shall enjoy walking along this to Red Wharf Bay some other time.

Two thoughts of the day:

No sign of my welcoming little red squirrel!

I wonder how many static caravans there are in the U.K.?

Moving on to Anglesey…..

A pretty nice day out there today, some cloud and a bit of wind but on the whole, pretty decent! Moving out time was 11 and we made it for quarter to 12 which isn’t bad! It always seems to take me an age getting sorted, to be fair, an age thinking about getting sorted, is probably more accurate! Still once on our way it was a very pleasant drive, no ‘breath in’ or ‘close your eyes’ moments and a nice sunny welcome at Penrhos CAMC site just outside Brynteg on Anglesey. A specially warm welcome from this little chap who was sitting and waiting on the edge of our pitch!

In case you are wondering, Poppydog was still in the boot of the car and didn’t get the chance to greet our little friend and I suspect it is unlikely that we shall see him again, or at least, probably best if one of us doesn’t see him!

Partly set up, we set off for a walk along the bridle way that backs onto the site and had a nice circular walk to give us both a blow out, before returning to site for a glass of wine in the sunshine to really settle in!

Two thoughts of the day:

A whole Island to explore, with lots of beaches- exciting!

It definitely is cooler out there now, not sure how much longer I can get away with shorts!

Abersoch and it’s lovely sandy beaches…..

Damp start to the day but it gradually improved into a grey day! It looked like it was going to rain all day, not heavily but enough, however it kindly stopped not long into our walk along Warren Beach. We had parked up in lay-by above the Warren which is a rather exclusive looking holiday park, where the word chalet does not really conjure up the right imagine and most shall we say villas had either a boat or jet ski (or both) parked up – very nice. Any how we wandered through the park to the beach, a lovely long sandy one leading right into Abersoch.

Believe me when I say the greyness of the day, just does not do the place any justice – I would happily holiday here. Assuming I had a jet ski of course!

The twin Islands of St Tudwal add a great focal point across the bay against the grey and brooding mountains in the distance.

We made our way along the beach towards the town, passing a couple of pretty sandy inlets in the way.

We had to leave the beach to cross the river and little harbour, and continued up into the town as this section of the beach has a seasonal dog ban – but hey so much sand!

The town was absolutely buzzing, the shops busy (White Stuff, Joules, Jack Wills – you get the picture?) and the various eateries and pubs doing a roaring trade if their outside areas were anything to go by.

It has a very jolly, damp holiday day feel to it – it must be absolutely heaving during the actual holidays! One pair of wellies (I am still in pursuit of a pair that don’t leak after several months wear!) and one rather vibrant rain jacket (both Joules) later.

We continued through the town catching the odd glimpse back over the estuary and Warren Beach.

And down onto the main Abersoch Beach, lined with beach huts (though no where near as colourful as those we saw yesterday) to the left.

Stretching round to Machroes Beach to the right,

That is a serious amount of sandy beach – fortunately enough pebbles to keep Poppydog amused.

Heading back through the town, even busier than before, then following the main road back up to the car, peeking in between the rather magnificent houses at the bay below.

Two thoughts of the day:

Add Abersoch to your list of places to visit – you won’t be disappointed.

A beach hut is about the same size as the caravan – food for thought!

From Llanbedrog to Traeth Crugan…..

Another wild night blew itself through by the morning and the day was breezy, chilly but a fair bit of sun around – oh yes and the odd very heavy shower! As we continue to make our way around the Lleyn Peninsula, we drove to the NT car park at Llanbedrog, a short walk from the beach. Now Llanbedrog is quite famous for it’s pretty display of brightly painted beach huts – which clearly they park up for the winter – literally!!

A short walk took us down to this pretty, mile long, sandy and pebbly, crescent shaped beach. Sheltered by a high wooded, headland to the North.

Reaching around to a rocky outcrop in the south.

There were a few people around enjoying the fresh air but not enough to ruin Poppydog’s fun!

The tide was too high for us to walk around the headland to the south, so we returned part way along the beach and up some steps to pick up the Coastal Path. Lovely views along the beach towards Pwhelli and back towards the St Tudwal’s Islands,

Around the headland was another sandy / pebbly cove Crugan Beach which runs all the way into Pwllheli.

Now we have been doing fairly well so far and we’re fairly well on our way to Pwllheli when a rather ominous looking cloud appeared to be making its way towards us from the mountains and wumph!! The heavens opened.

In just a few minutes we were drenched from head to toe – no time to put on waterproofs, it was too late. Still they say every cloud has a silver lining – look at this

Then within minutes a lovely blue sky and sunshine – the rain cloud bothering someone else.

So I sat, well actually stood in the sun and breeze attempting the ancient form of air drying whilst Poppydog chased seagulls (also air drying) along the waters edge, in the distance Pwllheli also reappearing in the sunshine.

We then made our way back along the two beaches to Llanbedrog and we’re pretty much dry by the time we arrived at the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Who ever thought that beach huts would be parked up for the winter – would love to see that happening!

The weather can really make or break a photo.