From Church Bay to Sandy Beach and all the little coves in between….

Another good day, a bit chillier in the breeze and more cloud around but still a good effort! Today we parked up at Church Bay, finding street parking rather than the P&D car park, and popped down for a quick run around on the pebble bit of the beach that was exposed, as it was bang on high tide.

Though we did also pop back at the end of our walk and what a beauty.

From here we followed the coastal path southwards, as we have now ventured onto the west side of Anglesey with the tip of the Holyhead or maybe Salt Island in clear view.

We passed a number of little pebbly coves on the way, all accessible and remote as apart from the odd house and farm building this stretch is well off the beaten track.

Many of them are linked together with lovely sand, interspersed with seaweed covered rocks as the tide recedes.

We crossed the little footbridge over Cable Bay a pebbly little cove, also revealing sandy later in the day.

A whole bunch of teasels growing along the banks either side of the footbridge caught my eye.

Shortly we arrived at Porth Trywen beach, another mostly pebbly beach though again some sandy patches are revealed later.

The next beach on our journey was Porth Trefadog, a mix this time of pebbles, very fine shingle and sand (more so at lower tides as per our return journey in the second photo).

And finally the ‘piece de resistance’ the lovely long white Sandy Beach – a good half a mile or so long, with plenty of fluffy white soft sand above the tide line and baring in mind this is probably about mid tide plenty more sand.

After walking along the beach we stopped a while to enjoy it, before making the return journey.

A long walk but as the cliff tops here are not very high, no horrendous ups and downs and very much worth it.

Two thoughts of the day:

Why does seaweed always look so dirty – it can make or break a beach in my opinion.

Will take a closer look to see what this land mass is when we visit Holyhead. Yes I do realise that it is a car ferry on its way off to Ireland!

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