From Cemaes beaches to Porth Llanlleiana and back again….

Another lovely day – I do hope this keeps up for a while. Today we are bound for Cemaes, finding an unattended (normally £2 per day) car park just before the village. After a quick look at the lovely beach – white soft sand with pebbles (our favourites) as the tide was at its highest, we decided to head on up the coastal path (east) and come back later.

The first stretch of the path wasn’t too strenuous with just a few ups and down and we we soon had Porth Padrig with its distinctive white rock in sight.

Past the lovely little Chapel in Llanbadrig – I’m not sure what I feel about life after death but this would be the place to be – do you not think?

From this point the path got steeper, with lots of giant steps (why so big? I guess why put in two steps when one will do!) up and down and round about but hey the sun is shining and we’re in no rush (well Poppydog is – always!) and the views well…

This is Llanlleiana Headland which is the most northerly point in Wales.

One more big up and down and there, our destination Porth Llanlleiana, with a derelict Porcelain Works sitting just above the pebbly beach.

Quite an idyllic spot, in the sunshine, sheltered from any breeze – we stayed a while.

We took the easier inland route part of the way back, rejoining the coastal path at Porth Padrig with more sand appearing as the tide recedes,

We dropped down into Cemaes and wandered through this quiet village to get a closer look at it’s three beaches.

The first beach (East end of village) is crescent shaped with soft white sand and a few patches of pebbles at the top, running to some seaweed covered rocks and hard sand as the tide goes out.

Towards the village sits the Tide & Time Bell which tolls by the movement of the waves at high tide (one of five in the U.K.).

Next is the small Harbour beach, same soft high tide sand but more muddy as the tide recedes.

Lastly the village beach a bit more rocky, and backed by painted terraces.

We took a quick peak at the narrow high street all bedecked in bunting.

Before returning to the first beach to enjoy the last of the sunshine of the day – perfect day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Will this…

look as attractive as this….

in an hundred or so years time? I think not.

I don’t mind cool or even cold and wet nights, just bring on the sunshine during the day – please.

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