Bull Bay to Porth Wen…..

What a lovely day we’ve had today in every way. The weather has been fab, a bit breezy but mostly sunny and very warm out of the wind. We set out and found parking in a viewing area up above Bull Bay and wandered down to the bay.

OK so not our typical beautiful bay, but it was so tranquil here, the water so beautifully calm and clear – looking forward to seeing it as the tide recedes on the way back. We popped down to the tiny bit of pebbly beach available and Poppydog happily scampered around chasing stones whilst I sat and enjoyed the surprising warmth of the sun.

After a while we clambered up and joined the coastal path and enjoyed a good walk along the top with lovely views along the way.

After a couple of miles, we rounded another headland to our first sight of Porth Wen (not Doc Martinland!) – just visible the derelict Victorian Porth Wen Brickworks.

How strange that something so ugly as derelict industrial buildings can take on such an eerie beauty along side a natural arch and pebble beach?

We made our way down the rather overgrown footpath to take a closer look.

We spent quite a while looking around and on the small beach with it’s lovely pink pebbles.

Then took a closer look at the natural arch – how amazing!

Catching a gannet (I think!) gently paddling by.

A longer pebbly beach which didn’t seem accessible, though the tide was still going out, extends all the way along the bottom of the bay.

Quite a remarkable place and not at all what I was expecting. As the sun was gradually being lost behind grey clouds, we started to make our way back, taking a slightly more inland route back, in amongst the grazing ponies.

Bull Bay was unfortunately very disappointing with the tide out – all seaweed covered rocks – aah well! I had taken so many photos by this point that my phone had died, so you will have to take my word for that.

Two thoughts of the day:

Nearly didn’t bother to visit these two beaches as on Mr OS they didn’t look that appealing – wrong!

Not keen on walking through fields full of ponies – not up there with cows but just would rather not.

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