Lligwy Bay and it’s neighbouring beaches….

Still quite wild through the night and well into the day, a grey start but the sun making an appearance in amongst the clouds for most of the afternoon. Today we drove to Lligwy (no idea how to pronounce this!) Bay, parking up right at the beach (the car park is attended Thurs – Sunday so free today!) – even with the tide quite high, this is a beautiful stretch of sand.

As the beach shelves very gently, I imagine the shallow would be lovely and warm in the summer. Firstly we took the coastal path to the right heading eastwards and popped down onto a deserted little cove at the end of the beach for Poppydog to enjoy a runaround.

After a while we carried along the coastal path, enjoying the open views out to sea.

Finding Porth Forllwyd beach, which appeared to be private with no obvious public access.

We continued on a little further before retracing our steps to walk along to the other side of Lligwy Beach, noting how much the tide has already receded.

Picking up the coastal path again, this time heading westwards, until we came to Porth y Mor, a mostly shingle beach.

Then after a few more twists and turns (and not too many ups and downs, I’m pleased to say), we arrived at Traeth yn Ora a beautiful, unspoilt sandy cove – now you’re talking.

From this beach we walked over the final headland on this stretch to take a look across Dulas Bay to the little beach at Porto Bello.

Also a great view out to the Tower on the little islet of Ynys Dulas, built by Colonel James Hughes of Llyn Dulas Manor in 1821, storing food and providing shelter for shipwrecked seamen – I wonder how many happened to be ‘lucky enough’ to be wrecked here?

With three fabulous beaches to walk and play on, on the way back, it took us a while!

Two thoughts of the day:

What a lovely thing to do – build a shelter in such a remote location – can you imagine finding this shelter have been dashed into the sea?

Little random buildings and the reasons for their being, fascinates me.

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