From Benllech the other way to Red Wharf Bay….

Quite a wild day today and much less sun around but still a good day. We returned to Benllech, parking as before, but this time we are heading right (eastwards) to look at Red Wharf Bay, around the corner from Benllech. As the tide is on its way out, we decided to walk above the beach along the coastal path.

Soon we emerged from the hedgerow to look across Red Wharf Bay, still mostly underwater but with little patches of sand making an appearance.

We carried on around into the estuary, watching more and more sand gradually appearing and randomly came across this sign!

Should we be concerned? Perhaps only if you are a duck!

As we reached the deepest point of the estuary the land became more marshy and the sand more muddy and at this point we decided to make our way back.

The tide was far enough out to enable us to walk all the way back along the beach – the sand is notably a deeper orange on the Red Wharf Bay side,

than round the corner at the end of Benllech Sands.

We found a little patch of pebbles to keep Poppydog entertained whilst I just sat and enjoyed the view in the blustery sunshine.

Before continuing to enjoy the full extent of this fabulous beach.

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m too tired to remember them!

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