Moving on to Anglesey…..

A pretty nice day out there today, some cloud and a bit of wind but on the whole, pretty decent! Moving out time was 11 and we made it for quarter to 12 which isn’t bad! It always seems to take me an age getting sorted, to be fair, an age thinking about getting sorted, is probably more accurate! Still once on our way it was a very pleasant drive, no ‘breath in’ or ‘close your eyes’ moments and a nice sunny welcome at Penrhos CAMC site just outside Brynteg on Anglesey. A specially warm welcome from this little chap who was sitting and waiting on the edge of our pitch!

In case you are wondering, Poppydog was still in the boot of the car and didn’t get the chance to greet our little friend and I suspect it is unlikely that we shall see him again, or at least, probably best if one of us doesn’t see him!

Partly set up, we set off for a walk along the bridle way that backs onto the site and had a nice circular walk to give us both a blow out, before returning to site for a glass of wine in the sunshine to really settle in!

Two thoughts of the day:

A whole Island to explore, with lots of beaches- exciting!

It definitely is cooler out there now, not sure how much longer I can get away with shorts!

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