Abersoch and it’s lovely sandy beaches…..

Damp start to the day but it gradually improved into a grey day! It looked like it was going to rain all day, not heavily but enough, however it kindly stopped not long into our walk along Warren Beach. We had parked up in lay-by above the Warren which is a rather exclusive looking holiday park, where the word chalet does not really conjure up the right imagine and most shall we say villas had either a boat or jet ski (or both) parked up – very nice. Any how we wandered through the park to the beach, a lovely long sandy one leading right into Abersoch.

Believe me when I say the greyness of the day, just does not do the place any justice – I would happily holiday here. Assuming I had a jet ski of course!

The twin Islands of St Tudwal add a great focal point across the bay against the grey and brooding mountains in the distance.

We made our way along the beach towards the town, passing a couple of pretty sandy inlets in the way.

We had to leave the beach to cross the river and little harbour, and continued up into the town as this section of the beach has a seasonal dog ban – but hey so much sand!

The town was absolutely buzzing, the shops busy (White Stuff, Joules, Jack Wills – you get the picture?) and the various eateries and pubs doing a roaring trade if their outside areas were anything to go by.

It has a very jolly, damp holiday day feel to it – it must be absolutely heaving during the actual holidays! One pair of wellies (I am still in pursuit of a pair that don’t leak after several months wear!) and one rather vibrant rain jacket (both Joules) later.

We continued through the town catching the odd glimpse back over the estuary and Warren Beach.

And down onto the main Abersoch Beach, lined with beach huts (though no where near as colourful as those we saw yesterday) to the left.

Stretching round to Machroes Beach to the right,

That is a serious amount of sandy beach – fortunately enough pebbles to keep Poppydog amused.

Heading back through the town, even busier than before, then following the main road back up to the car, peeking in between the rather magnificent houses at the bay below.

Two thoughts of the day:

Add Abersoch to your list of places to visit – you won’t be disappointed.

A beach hut is about the same size as the caravan – food for thought!

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