From Llanbedrog to Traeth Crugan…..

Another wild night blew itself through by the morning and the day was breezy, chilly but a fair bit of sun around – oh yes and the odd very heavy shower! As we continue to make our way around the Lleyn Peninsula, we drove to the NT car park at Llanbedrog, a short walk from the beach. Now Llanbedrog is quite famous for it’s pretty display of brightly painted beach huts – which clearly they park up for the winter – literally!!

A short walk took us down to this pretty, mile long, sandy and pebbly, crescent shaped beach. Sheltered by a high wooded, headland to the North.

Reaching around to a rocky outcrop in the south.

There were a few people around enjoying the fresh air but not enough to ruin Poppydog’s fun!

The tide was too high for us to walk around the headland to the south, so we returned part way along the beach and up some steps to pick up the Coastal Path. Lovely views along the beach towards Pwhelli and back towards the St Tudwal’s Islands,

Around the headland was another sandy / pebbly cove Crugan Beach which runs all the way into Pwllheli.

Now we have been doing fairly well so far and we’re fairly well on our way to Pwllheli when a rather ominous looking cloud appeared to be making its way towards us from the mountains and wumph!! The heavens opened.

In just a few minutes we were drenched from head to toe – no time to put on waterproofs, it was too late. Still they say every cloud has a silver lining – look at this

Then within minutes a lovely blue sky and sunshine – the rain cloud bothering someone else.

So I sat, well actually stood in the sun and breeze attempting the ancient form of air drying whilst Poppydog chased seagulls (also air drying) along the waters edge, in the distance Pwllheli also reappearing in the sunshine.

We then made our way back along the two beaches to Llanbedrog and we’re pretty much dry by the time we arrived at the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Who ever thought that beach huts would be parked up for the winter – would love to see that happening!

The weather can really make or break a photo.

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