Shell Island in the rain…..

Well the winds gradually eased off during the night and the first part of the morning was almost eerily still, grey but dry, however by late morning it started to rain and rain, with the wind picking up again in the evening. Aah well, I guess Autumn has arrived! As the rain showed no sign of letting up we went out anyway, just a short hop in the car to Llanbedr, parking in a small free car park just outside the village. From here we walked the couple of miles down the lane, past the Airfield, across the causeway to Mochras, commonly known as Shell Island, onto the beach.

Shell Island is a bit of a misnomer as it isn’t an Island, but a huge Campsite on some slightly higher ground, though surrounded by marshlands and dunes at very high tides, it probably appears as such. It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Shell Island? Apparently there are over 200 different types of shell to be found on the beach – however, if in reality you can find a few complete ones, I’d say you were doing well!

Still it was empty, still raining and as we couldn’t possibly get any wetter we walked along the beach to pick up the Coastal Path at Morgan Dyffryn for our return journey.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is somehow a sense of achievement, looking out at the still falling rain, when you are all dry, snuggled up and warm after a 6 mile walk in it!!

To be fair, if it wasn’t for Poppydog, I would have probably felt the same sense of achievement looking out at the rain, without the walk!!

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