Beaches near Porthmadog…..

Mostly cloudy and windy today, a couple of little glimpses of sun but that was it, however, it was dry all day. We are running a bit low on supplies so we decided to combine a ship with a trip to look at the beaches over the estuary (River Glaslyn) around Porthmadog. We parked up in the pretty nearby village of Borth-y-Gest.

We walked along the coastal path north of the village and very quickly came upon this little beauty.

Too nice to resist, even though the tide was still quite high, there was space enough for a run around before we continued on our way. Down another little footpath and we found another sandy little retreat.

A bit further along we came upon Carreg Wen beach, another lovely sheltered sandy cove.

The next beach along was Ynys Cyngar, again protected from the wind, with lovely soft white sand and leading on to a small headland.

Around the headland and into the full force of the wind is Morgan Bychan beach which is a long stretch of wide low tide sand leading to Black Rock Sands at the other end.

Here as well as kitesurfing, a team of horse and traps were cantering up and down the beach.

At the end of the beach we found ourselves a quiet, sheltered little spot for a break before heading back much the same way.

Two thoughts of the day:

Really no need for these huge beaches to be crowded during the summer?

Not sure if I am going to try and cover the Llyn Peninsula from here or try and find somewhere to stay on the Peninsula!

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