Bennar Sands continuing on to Dyffryn Sands….

Mostly bright and sunny day again, though there is now a definite Autumn feel to the air. We said farewell to our guest this morning and then set off to Bennar to enjoy a FLAT beach walk. There is quite a big P&D car park serving the beach and the dune Nature Reserve but as it was quiet there was also some off-road parking for free at the end of the lane and took the short boardwalk through the dunes to the beach. To the left had a seasonal dog ban.

To right though still plenty of sand to enjoy.

The first part of the beach had a pebble ridge which was then replaced with the dunes of Morgan Dyffryn Nature Reserve as we joined Dyffryn Sands (no obvious distinction from beach to beach).

There is a naturist section to this beach but way too chilly for that today! And no sunbathing in the dunes! Why?

The beaches were very quiet, especially for nice you got beyond the sort of ‘half a mile from a parking area’ zones and enough pebbles on the beach to keep Poppydog chasing back and forth in their pursuit!

She was distracted enough for us to get reasonably close to a Shag basking in the sunshine by the waters edge.

At the end of the sandy beach to go round the corner to Shell Island, across the rocky beach are spectacular views across to Harlech Beach and the mountains beyond.

Three miles each way of lovely sand is enough for us today.

Two thoughts of the day:

I know for a fact that I have calf muscles today, because they ache!!

Apart from the odd inconvenient estuary you could walk for miles and miles along this sandy stretch of coastline – perhaps I should get a kayak to cross the rivers!

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