Snowdon oh yes Snowdon….

Bright and mostly sunny day today and we have a guest! My nephew has popped to see us before heading off to New Zealand for two years. What would he like to do? Climb Snowdon of course! Ok so we did!

We drove along the stunning Llanberis Pass, taking a moment to pull over and capture the view.

Parking up in Llanberis (reluctantly paying £6 for 8 hours as we have a long enough walk ahead of us without parking in some lay-by further out!) we set straight off up the Llanberis Path, which is the easiest!!! of 6 routes up the 1085m mountain. The path is 9 miles (4.5 calf shaping up and 4.5 knee wobbling down!) complete of stone or scree with stunning views from the off.

The path was surprisingly busy (all the trains for the day were fully booked – I checked!) but we were happy walkers with ideal weather conditions.

Stopping at the halfway cafe for a much need cup of tea and slice of cake (on the way up and down) the views just got better.

The incline was quite steep to start off with and then became much more friendly for the middle section and then – well steeper and rougher underfoot it got!

As we started the final ascent, I knew I was going to struggle so I suggested that John and Poppydog (who was loving it and would have done the round trip in an hour probably left to her own devices) went on ahead to make sure that they reached the summit whilst I stopped to catch my breath for a while before continuing .

I have to confess to not quite making it too the top and deciding to share a perch with a seagull and wait for the wanderers to return – ah well there’s always next time!

Amazing day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Eat and


One thought on “Snowdon oh yes Snowdon….

  1. Beautiful – Snowdon is a very special place. You were so lucky to have climbed it on a beautiful day and been treated to those views! My Aunt climbed in annually and has never seen the view from the top. Mind you, she was never the luckiest with weather. Her holiday photos all show here smiling through extreme conditions!

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