From Llanaber to Barmouth……

After a really wild and wet night which gave us a few sleepless hours because of the sheer noise, the wind and rain had blown itself out (or moved on!) by the morning and the rest of the day was mostly grey with a bit of sunshine late afternoon. Today we planned to visit Barmouth and so parked up in a lay-by in Llanaber, a small village before and took the footpath down through a cemetery and over a footbridge over the railway down onto the beach.

Lovely and empty, this wide sandy beach went on for miles in either direction, towards Barmouth (above) and along Llanaber Beach to the north.

We walked towards Barmouth.

And the beach opens up even further as you get to the town and estuary.

With views up the estuary to the footbridge and Fairbourne on the other side.

From the end of the beach we walked around the harbour with views to Porth Aberamffra cove on the far side.

We walked back along the promenade, mainly because I got fed up of throwing a tennis ball for Poppydog and re-joined the beach at the end of the groins. We enjoyed a good play on the now empty wide expanse of beach before heading home.

Two thoughts of the day:

Uploading photos here is so painful!

Dinner out again tonight as my nephew has arrived for a couple of days before he sets off for a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand.

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