Today we were blown along Harlech Beach…

Grey and wild, best describes today, but at least it stayed dry until about 4 and then, well! In the meantime a bag full of washing took up the morning – well ok a few minutes to put it in the washer and …..

No plans to venture out in the car, so we wandered back down to the beach armed with a couple of tennis balls. It was nearly empty, apart from a couple of brave kite surfers (how do they not just take off?), so Poppydog got a pass to freedom as we walked to the far end (south).

With four miles of sand here, within easy reach – I think that this fortnight will be a pleasure!

From the far end of the beach – look at the mountains, shrouded in mist – hope we get to see them on a bright and clear day!

We so nearly made it back before the rain – my poor, so nearly line dry washing!

Two thoughts of the day:

It is mighty blowy out there tonight!

Pretty impressive sculpture of an Eagle at the site entrance don’t you think?

At night

2 thoughts on “Today we were blown along Harlech Beach…

  1. Wow! I LOVE the eagle – especially at night!
    I can’t listen to Harlech without thinking of that archetypally Welsh song ‘Men of Harlech’. Not the proper version but the one about fatty acid metabolism from my ‘Biochemist’s songbook’. To the tune of ‘Men of Harlech’

    “If you gobble tagliatelle
    Chicken soup and vermicelli
    You’ll acquire a sagging belly – what’s the use of that?

    If your intake’s calorific
    Guzzling beer ’til soporific
    Odds are that you’ll feel terrific!
    But you’ll end up fat.

    Fa-at for starvation!
    Fat for insulation!”

    Sorry Wales!


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