What a difference a day makes….

A fine rain fell all morning and well into the afternoon though the sun did eventually make an appearance at about 5.30! We left it as long as we could and ventured down to Aberdovey at about 3pm, pleased to find the beach understandably deserted.

With a little glimmer of hope appearing in the distance beyond Tywyn,

Armed with balls and thrower we wandered along the beach towards the blue sky and for a good hour and a half Poppydog ran her self ragged (that was the plan) whilst I just enjoyed the walk – makes quite a change for Poppydog to be off the lead and therefore not dragging me along behind her!

The blue sky almost caught up with us as we started our walk back.

Same view – two very different days:

Two thoughts of the day:

Quite fascinated to watch the tide come in over a sand bank – how and why do they form?

Have got back into Corn Flakes after many years apart – just have to get the right amount of milk so they are still crunchy and not soggy – hate them soggy!

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