Borth Sands in the sunny sunshine…..

Bright clear skies from the off this morning, just the odd fluffy white cloud which didn’t marr this perfect sunny day. A lovely long beach walk was the order of the day, so we set off for Borth, parking about half way down the beach. With lovely open sand towards Ynyslas Beach.

And more pebbly but plenty of low tide sand in between battered old wooden groins, towards the village of Borth.

The tide was on its way in but there was still plenty of sand to walk along. The beach is 3 miles long in total, so firstly we walked into Borth. The village itself is pretty unremarkable running along both sides of the coast road, with only a couple of shops, pubs and cafes all looking a little run down. The beach within the village has a summer dog ban and was mostly stony, though by this time the tide was mostly in. Still you could see that at low tide there would be a good stretch of sand.

At the end of the village we turned back and re-joined the beach as soon as we could going on beyond where we had parked the car to take a look at the Ynyslas end of the beach, as when we were here a couple of days ago it was shrouded in mizzle.

A totally different picture today!

Poppydog happily chased stones all the way along and back this lovely beach (and I got the additional exercise of bending and picking up stones to throw!).

On the way back to where we had left the car, the kite-surfers had arrived to enjoy the ideal conditions.

Another fab dog walking beach, especially off peak.

Two thoughts of the day:

Bacon & ketchup sarnies with a mug of tea – need I say more?

Painted houses only look good when they are freshly painted – once they start to look unloved they really do.

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