Picnic Island – not actually an island but hey……

Wet and miserable start to the day, but by early afternoon the rain dried up and eventually at around 4.30 we saw the sunshine. As it was so miserable and really didn’t look as though it was going to clear up we decided to stay local and visited Aberdovey again, this time to take a look at Picnic Island. We parked up just the other side of the village and crossed the golf course and dunes to join the beach.

There was quite a stiff breeze blowing along the eerily quiet beach – but a promise of a bit of sunshine coming in from the direction of Tywyn.

Though some pretty serious looking clouds over Aberdovey.

We walked towards the blue sky in Tywyn to enjoy a bracing walk with the wind in our faces before doubling back towards Aberdovey.

The brooding dark clouds remaining low over the hills inland. As the beach ran out we walked along the main street to join what is called the ‘Roman Road’ which is in fact neither ‘Roman’ or a ‘Road’ but rather a mix of footpath and roughly carved up rock face along the waters edge (we are now following the estuary away from the sea).

With Picnic Island being a small grass topped mound which at high tide is sometimes cut off from the mainland – you can see the footbridge linking the ‘island’ and to be fair there are a couple of benches on the top where you could park need have a picnic!

Instead we went down on the slatey little beach for a run around.

Before returning back through the village and along this magnificent beach – the beautiful white sand still contrasting with the dramatic dark skies and hills.

Just love all these photos – so you get to see them all!

Two thoughts of the day:

The wind whipping along the beach creates wonderful patterns and swirls with the softer dryer sand.

An empty beach is so much nicer!

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