Ynyslas beach in the worsening mizzle…….

Cloudy but dry start to the day and it looked to stay that way, but no, through the afternoon a mizzle set in and though it cleared late afternoon, by this time we had given up and returned to site! Today we were bound for Ynyslas (the opposite side of the estuary to Aberdovey) and parked roadside a mile or so before the beach. The estuary side of the beach is used for parking at low tide and the sand was very compact and a bit grubby looking!

With great views up the estuary to the mountains in the distance.

As we walked around the Twyni Bach dunes (the far end of which was closed to the public to protect the nesting Plovers, who apparently lay their eggs in the sand making them susceptible to being stooden on by mistake).

At the end of the beach you could just make out Aberdovey in the distance.

I just love the lovely soft white sand of the dunes – a nightmare for walking but do pretty – imagine this on a nice day with blue sky and turquoise sea?

Unfortunately at this point the sea mist and mizzle really set in and these really do not do justice to this beach.

Ynyslas beach is the northern end of the three mile stretch of Borth Sands (we will return another day to visit the Borth end) and is backed by fluffy dunes and a deep pebble bank with lots of low tide wet sand peppered with pebbles. We enjoyed a nice long walk but were getting increasingly wet and with visibility deteriorating, we decided to call it a day and come back to do the other half of the beach on a nicer day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Just a quick reminder it is Indian Summer time!

Salmon and cucumber sandwiches – mmmm

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