Happy Valley and the Bearded Lake…..

Bit of a grey day today, but very still and surprisingly warm. For a change we decided on an inland walk today and set off in pursuit of the Bearded Lake. We drove up Happy Valley to a small car park and joined a footpath from there. The footpath headed up through farmland quite steeply for awhile – more cows and sheep and this cow was not keen to let us pass!

He or she stood their ground as we crept widely around them, but fortunately didn’t try to follow us (otherwise it would have been a short walk!) as we continued up to the top of Tyddynbridell Hill. Great views down the valley.

Over the top and there before us was the Bearded Lake – the myth is that a bearded monster lived in the lake until King Arthur’s (he gets everywhere!) horse dragged the monster out or it may just be that it is covered with water lilies – either which way!

We carried on past the lake and sat awhile up above with just the sound of birds twittering and not a breath of air or anyone apart from a few distant sheep to break the spell.

From here we cut across to join the Panorama Track which hugs the hillsides from Aberdovey to Pennal, with spectacular views all along the wide, sandy river Dovey estuary out to sea.

Leaving the Panorama Track we cut through the next valley for our steep descent back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

A change of scene every now and then is good for the soul!

1st September – let the Indian Summer begin!

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