From Ceredigion to Gwynedd and the Snowdonia National Park….

Wall to wall rain this morning a dog walkers delight!! As for packing up? Well I asked for an extension to the normal departure time of noon, which was no problem, as the rain was due to ease during the afternoon and so as it faded to a mizzle we made our getaway. It wasn’t too pleasant driving through the mizzle with visibility quite reduced as we travelled over higher ground (you can definitely tell we are moving north!) and the roads getting windier but it was only 45 miles so we were soon at our new site.

Nestled in a wooded valley, this small site is just shy of the coastal village of Aberdovey which we look forward to exploring. After settling in (it had fortunately stopped raining just before we arrived) we wandered around the woodland walk (just long enough for Poppydog’s morning walks we ventured across the road to take a look at the Dovey river estuary.

Even though it looks sandy it was quite slimy and the river quite deep and fast flowing so one wet and mucky Poppydog later, we probably won’t repeat the experience!!

Two thoughts of the day:

Glad to be off a big site for a while, the scooter brigade were out in full force and voice last night! Had to shut all the blinds and turn the TV up to stop Poppydog from pinging from one sofa to the other!!

Really didn’t realise Snowdonia National Park was so big.

Llanrhystyd – not the prettiest beach but a good place to walk the dog….

Hooray a dry, albeit quite cloudy day. Our last day here so this time we ventured north to Llanrhystyd and found parking by the village hall, though there was infact a little car park right down at the beach. We wandered down the lane to the beach, past two huge caravan parks (so probably very busy on a nice day) the the long stretch of Llanrhystyd beach.

More or less deserted and mostly stony, though the tide reveals a sandy strip from mid tide.

Away from the caravan parks we had the beach to ourselves and of course lots of stones to keep Poppydog entertained!

After a while we followed the coastal path southwards and so nearly got to our destination of Llansantffraed only to be crowded out be a herd of inquisitive cows at the last field. They were all bunched up around the gate (our way out) and were very interested in Poppydog! As there was no one else around and they were not taking any notice of my attempts to move them on, I’m afraid we admitted defeat and turned back! I don’t like cows and nor does Poppydog!!

Never mind – we went back to the beach for another play instead! We then walked to the caravan park end to see what was round the corner.

Aberystwyth! Much of this stretch of coastline seems to be rocky and stony with not much in the way of sand until you get to the other side of Aberystwyth so we will see you again there!

Two thoughts of the day:

Sorry we didn’t get back to Aberaeron with the camera it was way too busy and is mostly stony with some dark, gravelly sand – so not high up there, in our humble opinion of course!

It is forecast to rain most of the day tomorrow so I tried to get most of the packing done on our return to site, so it is definitely wine o clock now.

The last little gem in our necklace of beaches – Mwnt….

Decidedly nippy out – quite a fierce wind and some serious, soak you through serious showers around today. Still we are on a schedule and gave beaches to see, so off we went to find our last little gem.

In the middle of nowhere, this stunning NT beach, a lovely deep sandy cove, great for body boarding at least it was today, with quite a few brave souls giving it a go! Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer, so instead we went for a walk along the coastal path.

To be fair the wind was whipping up a treat with some serious looking clouds over see, so no great surprise that we didn’t meet anyone on our walk.

Along the coast a bit is Cardigan Island, uninhabited apart from plenty of bird life and a few grey seals.

We continued our battle against the wind as the skies grew darker and then – yep the shower we had watched crossing the sea made it to land!!

We turned back but with nowhere to hide we were soon soaked through but you can only get so wet and it was encouraging to see still a couple of people in the water and one solitary beach tent remaining on the beach as it came back into sight.

The shower had passed on by so we continued our walk to look at the solitary little church before heading back to the car.

From here we dropped down to Gwbert (I don’t know!) to take in the view across to Poppit Sands, Cardigan’s main beach and back up towards the island.

And then down Coronation Drive, towards the town of Cardigan sitting at the end of this wide sandy estuary of the river Teifi.

That completes the southern section of this bit of coastline though mostly not seen at their best – some lovely beaches.

Two thoughts of the day:

When we returned to site, it was raining again, but strangely a few people were dismantling their awnings – why? I later discovered that in a sudden gust of wind two of them had completely flipped over the top of their caravans, including the one next door to me!

Do you know what is the slowest thing to dry out? A rucksack!

Penbryn, Tresaith and other little gems….

Grey and cloudy and almost a bit chilly today, still at least the rain held off until we were in the car on the way back to site! Today we continued along the trail of the necklace of beaches, starting from the NT car park in Penbryn we followed the coastal path heading towards Llangrannog to take a look at Carrag-y-ty.

Very nice too! However, for steep steps read long ladder, though there was an alternative steep long scramble! Neither of which took my fancy so we turned about and took the path back to Penbryn.

Here a lovely long stretch of sandy beach but with a summer dog ban – poor Poppydog had to be content with a dip in the stream that divides the beach!

Never mind, we wandered back up to the car park via the woodland walk and had a drink courtesy of the Plwmp Tart! NT cafe.

From here we drove a couple of miles along the coast (south) to Tresaith a very affluent looking village on the beach. Some seriously stunning homes with lots of glass, probably mostly second or holiday homes, alas. The beach was very pretty with soft sand and rock pools at either end and half of it was dog friendly. Though a bit busy for us, we managed to find a quiet spot for some stone chasing!

On the way back up through the very steep village to the ample car park (donation) a peep between the houses gives you an idea of their amazing views.

Moving on for another short hop in the car to Aberporth, a bustling seaside town, with a fabulous deep sandy bay with a stream running through it and a smaller sandy cove to the side.

The sand here is coarser, probably great for sandcastles and as I found out afterwards the main beach is dog free but the smaller beach is dog friendly (there were dogs on both!).

There was a lovely freshwater lagoon on the main beach formed by the steam – great for Poppydogs oh yes and children too – I guess!

On the way back up to the car (parked in a lay-by at the top of the town) we passed this pretty little cottage.

Two thoughts of the day:

I can’t help thinking this little stretch of beaches would be fantastic outside the school holidays.

On that note, the site has filled up quite dramatically on our return and I was wondering why? Ah yes it is nearly the Bank Holiday weekend – Hey we’ve almost survived the holidays!!

Llangrannog and other little gems….

No sunshine today but the rain held off until about 2.30 and then it poured and poured!! The forecast wasn’t looking great for the afternoon so we got out earlier than normal and made for Llangrannog a small coastal village south of New Quay. What a good idea? A spacious free car park at the top of the village with a park and ride minibus bobbing up and down (only £1 each way) taking the pressure off the single track roads running through the village – of course that doesn’t stop those who know better!! Indeed there is a small carpark down on the beach front but as always this involves a lot of shuffling around in cars driven by folk who don’t seem to realise they have a reversing gear!! We took the easy option and parked up top just past this sweet little church and walked most of the way down through the village until we joined a path leading up from the cove to join the coastal path, heading north.

The views from the footpath reveal a quaint little village and lovely, very busy, sandy beach,

The footpath took us up and round Pen-y-Badel hill, with a glimpse of an unreachable sandy little cove at the start of the Ynys Lochtin headland.

The headland juts dramatically into the deep blue sea with exposed rock faces constantly being battered by the waves.

Out on the headland a narrow and steep path gives access down the valley to Traeth-yr-Ynys beach a lovely sandy beach, though the waters looked a little choppy today.

Back up the hill again and around the headland distant views towards New Quay.

At this point we about turned and returned to Llangrannog via the lower coastal path, passing the pretty cove of Cilborth accessed either at low tide from Llangrannog or down a steep set of steps from the coastal path.

From here we dropped down to Llangrannog, the beach was very busy and just as we were starting to head up the coastal path in the other direction the heavens opened!

There was no sign of leg up so instead we walked back up through the village to the car and home instead!

Two thoughts of the day:

Llangrannog has been described as one in a necklace of beaches – how lovely is that? Looking forward to seeing the rest.

When is the heatwave coming back? (It is still raining!)