Doing the Mawddach Trail, or not as it turned out to be…..

Wall to wall sunshine today, with just a tiny bit of cloud / haze during the later afternoon and it was warm again!

We set off for Mawddach Station, another little Station, well shelter really, in the middle of nowhere – absolutely no houses around! However it is at the end of the footbridge to Barmouth so may be?

Any way we parked up, at this point I realised I’d left my phone (for phone read camera and map!!) back in the caravan – how irritating! Still we set off anyway along what I assumed (wrong) to be the Mawddach Trail which is a 13 mile loop from Barmouth, to this place, Dolgellau and back to Barmouth – not that I intended to do it all you understand but…

It was only when we got back and studied the map that I realised we had quickly gone off Route and taken an alternative footpath along the shore of the river Mawddach that wound in and out and round about, until I decided we had walked far enough! I also discovered that if we had persevered for another 100m or so we would have ended up on the trail as it rejoined the shoreline – which was the bit we wanted to experience!!

Aah well, the sun was shining, it was a nice walk so no complaints from either of us.

Two thoughts of the day:

NEVER NEVER forget phone again!!

Hopefully all the little folk will be heading off home tomorrow and we will again have the beaches to ourselves – selfish? I think not!!

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