Tonfanau Station in the middle of nowhere….

Today dawned bright and sunny, though it did become quite hazy and more cloudy during the afternoon, the breeze had dropped so it was warmer. We parked up in Tywyn (free beach front car park with spaces!) and followed the coastal path along the front and then slightly inland behind the railway line. Once we had left Tywyn behind we had lovely mountain views to make up for the lack of sea view.

After a while we crossed the river Dysynni which carries water down from the tidal lake (popular for fishing) taking the opportunity of a quick dip and drink for Poppydog.

From here it was another half a mile or so to Tonfanau Station, a little halt in the middle of nowhere serving one farm as far as I could make out! Behind the station a footpath (disused roadway serving army base now derelict) led us through a couple of fields before dropping down on to the beach.

Quite pebbly amongst the coarse sand, it was empty and suited us perfectly!

We spent a good while here, me relaxing, Poppydog busy as usual and were only joined briefly by a couple of birdspotters, though in the distance we could see people trying to cross the river from the far end of Tywyn beach but it was clearly too deep and fast flowing for it to be safe. This was a shame as we had intended to walk back along the beach on the assumption that the tide would have receded enough to make it possible – never mind it was a pleasant enough walk back the way we came.

Back in Tywyn, the beach was very quiet – perhaps the mass exodus has begun?

Two thoughts of the day:

A bird has pooped big time on one of my skylights – how rude! More the point how do I get it off?

If you like long dog walks on a beach – this area is probably as good as it gets.

6 thoughts on “Tonfanau Station in the middle of nowhere….

  1. See – what did I say about when September comes?!
    Regarding the bird poo – definitely rude, but get it off as soon as you can. Bird poo is very acidic (Uric Acid if you want to know!) and can mark surfaces if left.
    If it has dried on, soak it with lots of water to soften it so that it wipes off easily. If it is not softened it can scratch. You could leave a sponge soaked in hot water on it for 10 minutes or so and that should help to soften it.
    Good luck!


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