Fairbourne in the sun…..

Cloudy start but by midday the sun had broken through and the day just got better – still quite breezy on the coast but hey ho!

Today we set off for Fairbourne a not very pretty little village nestling on the flat land of the mouth of the wide Mawddach Estuary. On the way – this sight caught my eye – sun on the sea lovely!

Parking up in Fairbourne (plenty of free parking if you avoid the beach car park) and wandering down to the beach, over the bank of pebbles and this is what you get to the south

And to the north

Wow! And even though it is a lovely afternoon (ok a bit windy so not exactly warm) hardly anyone about.

Just a mile or so of sandy beach for us to walk along – so we did.

There is a narrow gauge railway running the two miles from the centre of Fairbourne to the end of the beach where it links to a passenger ferry to Barmouth on the opposite side of the estuary.

At Barmouth Ferry Station where the train terminates in the distance the Branchline railway bridge (also a footbridge) makes a spectacular sight across this very sandy estuary with the Snowdonia Mountains in the background.

Around this little strip of land we rejoined the beach and had our first view of Barmouth, which looks to be an attractive Victorian seaside town (to be explored at a later date).

I sat awhile on the pebble bank (to keep Poppydog entertained) and enjoyed (from a distance) the activity across the river and watching a group of riders enjoying a canter along the beach.

This end of the beach tucked around the corner from the main Fairbourne Beach was slightly more sheltered and almost deserted – we like!

Almost at low tide now – so we could enjoy the whole walk back along the beach too!

On the drive back the road hugs the coast part of the way and this view down to Llwyngwril beach was too much to miss.

Two thoughts of the day:

The view from the sea at Fairbourne must be stunning with this beautiful beach and the mountains in the background.

I think we might like to walk across the Barmouth Footbridge.

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