Tywyn – same stretch of beach, just the other end….

Grey day again, but dry and not so breezy – it will do! Today we parked up in a lay-by just beyond where we left off yesterday and again crossed the golf course and dunes to join the beach at the section known as Cemetery Beach (the village cemetery is opposite the lay-by).

No kite surfers around today, or that we saw and the sea was quite green and stormy looking.

The beach stretched out in front of us and as far as the eye could see in either direction.

Towards Aberdovey

And towards Tywyn.

There were also less people around today, probably because the Bank Holiday is over? Any how it was a lovely long walk into Tywyn, just before we reached the town we came upon a pile of painted stones on the path above the beach.

All sorts of personal memorials to missed loved ones- what a lovely thing.

We weren’t much impressed with Tywyn itself, non of the pretty Victorian charm of Aberdovey, several unimaginative holiday parks and some fairly ugly bungalows and holiday chalets and the beach a bit more stony than the middle section but still plenty if sand for all.

Beyond Tywyn the beach still continued, though less sand and more stone.

We’d earned a rest and I sat awhile whilst Poppydog continued to chase stones.

Time to turn around and head back,

As we approached our footpath off the beach, the far horizon showed a glimmer of better weather – too late for today though!

Two thoughts of the day:

Not sure I had any today!

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