Aberdovey – what a pretty little place!….

Very grey and windy today but dry so who cares? It was in fact quite nippy and a couple of extra layers were required (I’m still braving it out in shorts though!). Today we just drove the couple of miles up the road to Aberdovey, a pretty, vibrant village of cheerfully painted houses and shops, right on the corner where the Dovey Estuary meets the sea.

We found space in a lay-by a mile or so the other side of the village, where a footpath took you across the golf course and dunes to the sea.

This is a lovely stretch of dune backed beach from Aberdovey to Tywyn about 3.5 miles further north. The tide was on its way out so there was a great stretch of hard sand to walk along, luckily with the odd stone to keep Poppydog happy!

It is such a vast beach that even though there were quite a few people around, there was plenty of space for everyone. I didn’t see anyone braving the surf today but it was ideal conditions for kite surfing with quite a few around, both sides of the estuary.

We wandered along into and around the village, which was buzzing with activity, the beach front shops, cafes and pubs all seemed to be doing a fair bit of trade and there was a duck race taking place at the short pier.

We then returned to the beach to walk back, enjoying some play time on the way.

This is the sort of beach that is meant for long blustery walks – we like!

Two thoughts of the day:

All these pretty painted seaside villages – do the homeowners choose what colour they paint their house?

Is it Autumn already?

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