From Ceredigion to Gwynedd and the Snowdonia National Park….

Wall to wall rain this morning a dog walkers delight!! As for packing up? Well I asked for an extension to the normal departure time of noon, which was no problem, as the rain was due to ease during the afternoon and so as it faded to a mizzle we made our getaway. It wasn’t too pleasant driving through the mizzle with visibility quite reduced as we travelled over higher ground (you can definitely tell we are moving north!) and the roads getting windier but it was only 45 miles so we were soon at our new site.

Nestled in a wooded valley, this small site is just shy of the coastal village of Aberdovey which we look forward to exploring. After settling in (it had fortunately stopped raining just before we arrived) we wandered around the woodland walk (just long enough for Poppydog’s morning walks we ventured across the road to take a look at the Dovey river estuary.

Even though it looks sandy it was quite slimy and the river quite deep and fast flowing so one wet and mucky Poppydog later, we probably won’t repeat the experience!!

Two thoughts of the day:

Glad to be off a big site for a while, the scooter brigade were out in full force and voice last night! Had to shut all the blinds and turn the TV up to stop Poppydog from pinging from one sofa to the other!!

Really didn’t realise Snowdonia National Park was so big.

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