Llanrhystyd – not the prettiest beach but a good place to walk the dog….

Hooray a dry, albeit quite cloudy day. Our last day here so this time we ventured north to Llanrhystyd and found parking by the village hall, though there was infact a little car park right down at the beach. We wandered down the lane to the beach, past two huge caravan parks (so probably very busy on a nice day) the the long stretch of Llanrhystyd beach.

More or less deserted and mostly stony, though the tide reveals a sandy strip from mid tide.

Away from the caravan parks we had the beach to ourselves and of course lots of stones to keep Poppydog entertained!

After a while we followed the coastal path southwards and so nearly got to our destination of Llansantffraed only to be crowded out be a herd of inquisitive cows at the last field. They were all bunched up around the gate (our way out) and were very interested in Poppydog! As there was no one else around and they were not taking any notice of my attempts to move them on, I’m afraid we admitted defeat and turned back! I don’t like cows and nor does Poppydog!!

Never mind – we went back to the beach for another play instead! We then walked to the caravan park end to see what was round the corner.

Aberystwyth! Much of this stretch of coastline seems to be rocky and stony with not much in the way of sand until you get to the other side of Aberystwyth so we will see you again there!

Two thoughts of the day:

Sorry we didn’t get back to Aberaeron with the camera it was way too busy and is mostly stony with some dark, gravelly sand – so not high up there, in our humble opinion of course!

It is forecast to rain most of the day tomorrow so I tried to get most of the packing done on our return to site, so it is definitely wine o clock now.

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