The last little gem in our necklace of beaches – Mwnt….

Decidedly nippy out – quite a fierce wind and some serious, soak you through serious showers around today. Still we are on a schedule and gave beaches to see, so off we went to find our last little gem.

In the middle of nowhere, this stunning NT beach, a lovely deep sandy cove, great for body boarding at least it was today, with quite a few brave souls giving it a go! Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer, so instead we went for a walk along the coastal path.

To be fair the wind was whipping up a treat with some serious looking clouds over see, so no great surprise that we didn’t meet anyone on our walk.

Along the coast a bit is Cardigan Island, uninhabited apart from plenty of bird life and a few grey seals.

We continued our battle against the wind as the skies grew darker and then – yep the shower we had watched crossing the sea made it to land!!

We turned back but with nowhere to hide we were soon soaked through but you can only get so wet and it was encouraging to see still a couple of people in the water and one solitary beach tent remaining on the beach as it came back into sight.

The shower had passed on by so we continued our walk to look at the solitary little church before heading back to the car.

From here we dropped down to Gwbert (I don’t know!) to take in the view across to Poppit Sands, Cardigan’s main beach and back up towards the island.

And then down Coronation Drive, towards the town of Cardigan sitting at the end of this wide sandy estuary of the river Teifi.

That completes the southern section of this bit of coastline though mostly not seen at their best – some lovely beaches.

Two thoughts of the day:

When we returned to site, it was raining again, but strangely a few people were dismantling their awnings – why? I later discovered that in a sudden gust of wind two of them had completely flipped over the top of their caravans, including the one next door to me!

Do you know what is the slowest thing to dry out? A rucksack!

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