New Quay in the sun – how different…

Wet overnight and quite damp and cloudy this morning but by late morning the clouds were breaking up and we had a lovely sunny afternoon. We planned an early start to catch the beaches with lowish tides and headed straight for Llanina Woods (a free carpark for about 20 cars so early bird and all that!) from where it was a short walk through woodland to Llanina Point. And there it is Traethgwyn, nearly walkable all the way to New Quay.

Due to the lack of available parking, it was quite quiet, mostly just dog walkers like me! We walked right along the beach as far as you could get (it must only be at low tide that you can walk around) which was not a bother as we really did not want to go into New Quay and all the crowds.

Through binoculars (yes I do carry a set!!) the beaches were packed!! Quite smug now, we enjoyed our leisurely stroll back and around the stony point of Llanina on to Little Quay Bay or Cei Bach which was almost deserted! Yippee!!

There were only about 5 families all bunched around where the access from the road is which left loads of empty beach either side. We wandered to the far end and as it was so nice in the sun, abandoned our plans to drive into Aberaeron to photograph the beach (as I left my phone in the caravan on that particular excursion) and stayed put.

This beach is absolutely ideal for us both, quiet, lovely soft sand with a pebble bank. A lush paddle was in order.

Followed by stone chasing, sea watching and sun catching – 👌

Two thoughts of the day:

Might have blown our schedule a bit today but it was too nice an afternoon to miss.

When someone is playing music quite loudly nearby it is only invasive if you don’t like it! I do.

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