New Quay in the mizzle….

Mizzly day on and off, all day! Can’t let a bit of Welsh mizzle put you off, so we drove a couple of miles down the road, finding a handy lay-by just on the outskirts of this pretty seaside village. The village of painted cottages and terraces sprawls down both sides of the steep valley with the centre being dominated by Fish and Chip shops, cafes, beach shops and pubs, just above the main harbour wall,

It was very busy with wet bedraggled families, seemingly quite content to eat their chips in the rain, sit on the harbour wall catching crabs or play on the small amount of high tide beach. We too wandered down onto the harbour wall to take in the view of the village and see if there were any dolphins to spot (no sightings today apparently).

Beyond the harbour wall is the Dolau Beach, lovely and sandy with much more to come as the tide recedes.

After a wander along the coastal path, away from the madding crowd (didn’t see a soul) we returned to the crowds to take a look at the Harbour Beach.

And then as we began to make our way back out of New Quay the start of Traethgwyn Beach which runs all the way around to Llanina Point when the tide is lower.

We stayed for awhile to see how quickly the tide went out, so that we could walk back to the car via the beach, but it wasn’t to be today.

Instead we took the alternative roadside route and had to make do with sea glimpses from above.

The last view was of Llanina Point (Little Quay Beach lies on the other side of the Point and would make a fabulously long beach walk if the tides were right) and a promise of the beach to come.

Two thoughts of the day:

Will have to work out when we can pop down to see this beach in all its glory?

Maybe we should reverse our routine for the rest of this week and get out and about in the morning?

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