A walk into Aberaeron…..

Cloudy, breezy, almost nippy but dry, though it is just now trying to rain! We decided to take one of the site recommended walks (unfortunately I left my phone behind so photos will be added at a later stage!) which involved a few minutes drive in the car to join up with the disused railway track walk from NT property Llanerchaeron to Aberaeron. A nice level walk along the banks of the river Aeron through woodland and open field which brings you out up above Aberaeron. From here the footpath follows a steep (downhill) lane to the town.

The town is quite busy with both main roads running through the centre and rather madly allowing cars to park on one side of the main road making it single track through- which makes no sense at all and makes for quite a bit of unnecessary congestion. Also, all around the harbour and seafront there is plenty of charged parking, but also quite a bit of free roadside parking which causes a continuous line of traffic trying to find that elusive free parking space and somewhat adding to the overall congestion – Put me on the local council for a week or two – I’ll soon get it sorted!!

The houses and shops are all painted in different colours, but somehow as they are mostly rows of small terraced properties it doesn’t quite work – well for me anyway.

The long North Beach is rock (sea defence) backed but mostly stony with little patches of fine gravel rather than sand, backed with a long walkway making it a pleasant place for a stroll. Stroll we did before getting a hot chocolate to enjoy whilst throwing stones on the beach for Poppydog to chase. The sea was rather rough today and quite silted, not sure if this is typical but it didn’t look very inviting!

Not overly impressed as I think you can tell, but a pleasant enough walk for a so so day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Always remember to take phone!!!

Yet again the best of the weather appears before the school holidays – time for change?

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