A walk to Little Quay Bay….

Well as forecast, the sun was back today, not as warm as it has been with quite a stiff breeze blowing but sunny!! After catching up with the washing, we set off through the lanes on the 3.5 mile walk down to our nearest beach – Little Quay Bay. The lanes were very peaceful and most of the way we could see the sea in the distance, which is always a bonus and it was mostly down hill which is fine but… And there it was…

A lovely wide crescent shaped beach, with a mix of stones, dry sand and then as the tide recedes more pebbly sand. It wasn’t too busy as there was very little parking and it is miles from anywhere, so I imagine it would be a great beach to bring the dog out of the school holidays. As it was we stayed a while – Poppydog chasing stones and me people and sea watching until we were ready to make the gradual climb back home.

We wandered along the coastal path for a while and then picked up a little used footpath to eventually join up with the lanes back to site and a well earned sit down and glass of wine. It is a tough life!!

On the way back I was mesmerised by this bird of prey hunting overhead.

Two thoughts of the day:

Nothing like air dried clean bed linen!

Will look up the bird of prey later.

3 thoughts on “A walk to Little Quay Bay….

  1. If I were to guess, it’s a Red Kite! The deeply forked tail is quite distinctive.

    And I couldn’t agree more about air dried bed linen. We air dried ours today, although I am a little bit worried that it got sprayed with liquid manure by the farmer next door to our pitch, after he gave us about 3lb of beautiful, fresh tomatoes!


      • Thank you! The bed linen was fine. I think the watering just revitalised the scent of the natural fertilizer around the cabbages…
        To be honest, we were given all sorts of horror stories about Romania and have met with nothing but kindness!

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