Moving on to Ceredigion….

Well our time in Pembrokeshire has drawn to a close and at the minute it is up there with Cornwall for beaches but as they say ‘the world is young’, so let’s see.

A miserable start to the day, but it dried up for us to pack away and get on the move. The journey was uneventful driving across country up to the west coast if a bit bouncy (I thing the A478 is due a resurfacing!) and all was going well until we missed our turning! The Sat Nav had decided we would take the next turning but the Caravan Club advice was to take the one we had just passed – so next dilemma how to do a u-turn with the caravan on the back? I pulled into a couple of lay-bys but, no the road was still not wide enough to do it in one and too busy to risk manoeuvring so in the end we found an empty garage forecourt large enough to turn in! Only 12 miles added to the journey – could have been worse! By the time we were in and settled the sun had come out so we went for a walk.

Around the lanes we came upon this pretty hamlet of Oakford with it’s stone cottages.

Excited but not too hopeful that we will better Pembrokeshire.

Two thoughts of the day:

Double check Sat Nav before setting off!

Where has the heatwave gone?

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