Cwmtydu and why not?….

Well day one of our new adventure, started damp and mizzog!! It dried up at lunchtime so we made a break for it, waterproofs to hand, and drove to Cwmtydu, a tiny little hamlet, down a steep single track (with grass growing through the middle!) lane. It was surprisingly busy (well not busy but I expected it to be deserted) with just one space left in the beach front parking. Not the prettiest cove, mostly stony with a fresh water pond at the back but as there were quite a few dogs already playing on the beach and in the pool, we decided to take a walk up and along the coastal path first.

After quite a steep climb the path levelled out to quite a wide expanse of grassland, interspersed with heathers and ferns with great views in either direction.

In front of us another little cove with its own island – Castle Bach Beach – this one was similarly stony but too much of a scramble for us to attempt.

Over the next headland was another little cove, Pen-y-Graig, quite accessible but with a football toting family in situ so we passed it by!

Back on the flat ground above Castle Bach we settled awhile, well I did, Poppydog chased a ball around and around and around…. look at the range of colours in this view!

When we returned the beach was a bit quieter so we played with stones for awhile.

And took a wander through the village, before it started to rain again and we headed back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

You do need to have sand on a beach to make it special don’t you think?

How funny is this – my neighbours here on site are the wardens from St David’s site where we were a month ago!

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