Stunning Stack Rocks in the sunshine….

Oh yes, after a damp start to the day, the sun came out again around lunchtime and stayed with us for the rest of the day. We parked up at Stack Rocks car park (free), which involves a couple of miles drive down a single lane track across Merrion Artillery Range (this lane and carpark are closed when the range is in use!) until you arrive at the coastal path. From here it is a short walk down to the wooden viewing deck for the Green Bridge (natural arch) and what a beauty it is!

I wasn’t quite as keen as this chap to take that ‘special shot’!

From here it was a short walk in an easterly direction (the footpath heading west goes inland from here quite away around the military airfield and doesn’t rejoin the coast until Freshwater West) to view the Stack Rocks.

It is all just so beautiful and rugged along here, it was a job to know when to stop taking photos!

A bit further along we came upon this lovely little sandy beach, Flimston Bay, though access was not for the faint hearted!

More beautiful rock face, though not so much climbing activity visible today, there were a few pegs around for those who fancied a dangle!

Further along we found Bullslaughter Bay, which was much more accessible, though the tide was nearing its high point when we arrived and had already covered all the sand. Not as sheltered as many we have seen so probably not suited to weaker swimmers and way to rocky for surfing!

We continued along the top to the point we got to yesterday before turning back – this really is a beautiful stretch of coastline, with great views all the way along.

Two thoughts of the day:

So many stretches of the coastal path are a bit disappointing as your view is obscured by trees or hedgerow but this last few days has been spectacular and with the bonus of being almost on the level!

Oooh just seen the trailer for Casualty – looks interesting!

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