St Govan’s Chapel and rock climbing……

A bit damp overnight and this morning and it is certainly a bit cooler, but though mostly cloudy the rest of the day was fine with sun making an appearance around 5pm. A good walking day, so we parked up at the NT car park at Broad Haven (the Stackpole one) and set off in a westerly direction – now this stretch of the coast is lined with sheer cliffs, but the walking is generally on fern strewn grass and more importantly mostly fairly level!

We soon had a peep down at the dear little St Govan’s Chapel (parts of it dating back to the 6th C).

Allegedly a hideaway for Saint Govan and interestingly there are 52 steps down and a different number of steps on the way up! I didn’t check this for two reasons – firstly I only read up about it after the event and secondly I probably wouldn’t have had the breath to count them!!

Inside was a bit disappointing, I kind of expected it to be austere but resembling a Chapel.

We walked some way along the path enjoying the wonderful views out to sea and over the edge, where it felt safe enough to look.

All along the way, abandoned rucksacks and ropes disappearing over the edge, indicative of the large number of climbers out today and on our way back we stopped awhile to watch – why would you? There are 6 climbers at various points on this particular cliff.

We also found this little gem of an hidden beach – New Quay Beach a long thin sandy inlet at low tide and very sheltered the only downside being, you’d want it to yourself.

Back just below the car park, these rocky inlets are popular for jumping and swimming, though the tide was high, you can see the sandy floor, not sure how much is exposed at low tide but they look pretty inviting, especially now the sun has come out.

Two thoughts of the day:

I’ve thought about it, whilst watching them climb, but I cannot think of a single reason why you would want to do it? I mean you mostly have your face a couple of inches away from the rock face so you can’t even enjoy the view!

Our journey in Pembrokeshire is nearing the end and in my humble opinion it is up there with Cornwall – oh apart from the lack of Pasties that is!!

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