Dale and all it has to offer….

Beautiful day from dawn to dusk – just how we like it. A change of direction today as I needed to pop into Haverfordwest for some dog food, so we continued from there to Dale, a little village at the mist southern end of the middle bit of Pembrokeshire! We parked up in a lay-by just shy of the village which as luck would have it was waterfront looking out across Dale Roads towards Milford Haven.

We didn’t loiter, but walked into Dale which was very busy with it’s mostly shingley beach providing an ideal spot for launching light craft.

As the coastal path started to climb towards St Ann’s Head, we found this little wood worker’s shed.

As the walk levelled out above the tree line we had lovely views down onto Dale Roads with all the boats bobbing around.

The first headland we encountered was Dale Point and from there the footpath took us down to the little cove of Castlebeach – a mostly stony little beach with some sand, but guess what? We had it all to ourselves! With just a couple of boats moored off, enjoying the calm and peaceful waters.

After enjoying quite a moment here (its not often the Poppydog gets the chance to be off lead on a beach these days) we climbed up to our next headland – Watwick Point. The headland is home to a modern day lighthouse (couldn’t they atleast paint it white?) but the views are across to the rather unattractive power station and port at Milford Haven – still a lovely grassy field for Poppydog to do what she does best!

As we started yet another decline, we got our first glimpse of Watwick Bay – positively Mediterranean in this sunshine, especially with all the lovely boats sitting in the bay.

From here we took an inland route across fields back to Dale and furnished with a nice cold drink, spent a very pleasant while on the now deserted beach!

Two thoughts of the day:

Do dogs suffer from OCD? Poppydog is frantically obsessed with leaves, birds, stones (when thrown – she always makes sure she gets the right one!), footballs (she can hear one being bounced from a mile away and given half the chance would be off after it!), any other kind of ball being thrown and randomly gates! Of which the coastal path is littered with them (she will try and bite the gate as I am opening and closing it usually making it impossible for me to pass through said gate!) – Any cure?

Time for ‘Unforgotten’ – must dash!

2 thoughts on “Dale and all it has to offer….

  1. Ah Dale, we have been there a few times to windsurf! I seem to remember a spectacular steak pie in the pub and we stayed in a house on the front with white peacocks in the garden. They were lovely, apart from the HUGE deposits that they left on the car…!
    We went in September and also saw seal pups in a bay just across the headland from Dale, from where we brought back a very weighty rucksack containing a few beautiful pebbles!


    • Yes – it had a nice feel about it. Didn’t see the white peacocks though! Rather ugly castle / house but nice beach over the back that we visited today – I am totally smitten with a Pembrokeshire and all its fab beaches!


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