Just a walk today….

Another damp and mizzly morning came out way, drying up after lunchtime but all the while not looking very tempting! So we took a day off from our beach hunt and just went for a lengthy walk around the lanes from site. At one point we got quite a nice view down to the estuary quite away inland from Pembroke Docks towards Picton Point.

And at another almost a promise of sunshine!

Though that was not to be! Even though it was incredibly warm! Never mind tomorrow is another day.

Two thoughts of the day:

I have friends who are currently touring the Scottish NC500 – reckon it will be 2020 by the time I make it but it looks fab!

I think it must be wine o clock by now – cheers!

4 thoughts on “Just a walk today….

  1. Hi Clare

    Just read the blog through again and got up to date. We’re currently on Skye, heading to Glencoe tomorrow. Weather been mixed. There are some fantastic beaches up here, a lot we’ve not been able to access due to the size of the motor home but the ones we have managed have been great!!

    Sandra & Mark x


    • Sandra – I am so enjoying your photos and I have been puzzling over the best way to do the islands when the time comes and at the moment am thinking that I might camp? We certainly are being lucky with the weather so far – keep on enjoying x


      • Hi Clare

        Glencoe has been breathtakingly beautiful. Not seen a beach but there’ll be here. Think camping will probably be your best bet. Friends of ours have done a few of the islands & done B&B but not with a dog. A while yet am sure until you get there. Northumberland will be before then & the beaches there are stunning & deserted. Our holiday is in its last days, Oban tomorrow. Views across to Mull. Praying it’s clear…

        Thanks for the mention!

        Sandra & Mark


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