Two more stunning Havens – Lydstep and Shrinkle!….

A wet night and morning but fortunately everything dried up by lunchtime, with the sun occasionally gracing us with its presence throughout the afternoon and evening. Today we found the little NT car park on the way to Lydstep Head – the lead road was a serious test of the suspension and for awhile I thought perhaps I’d gone wrong and only persevered because there was no way of turning round! Anyhow we made it and took a very nice walk across the headland to the point to take in the fabulous view of Caldey Island.

The view from Lydstep Point is just beautiful with the sun and clouds creating an amazing pattern across the sea.

We continued around the headland to Lydstep Haven, which is a beautiful sheltered deep sandy bay, as you can see mostly dominated by the surrounding holiday parks but quite a find in off peak times and popular for some water sports. We watched the jet skis hurtling around the bay for awhile, leaving trails of white surf in their wake,

We then retraced our steps across the headland to venture in the opposite direction (west) to discover Shrinkle Haven in the distance.

Getting there however!!! This included a very steep decline and of course incline, though there was another little sandy cove at the bottom – Skomer

On the way up we had to stop to enjoy the bank of Montbretia!

Back up at the top again we continued along the path, looking back you could see that Skomer Bay was intact two little coves that at lower tides would make a very nice little escape! A bit further along a closer look at Shrinkle Haven accessed by a lot of very steep steps (we found two sets down, one to each cove, both very steep!).

Walking back we followed a slightly different inland route, past the Shrinkle Haven YHA but I’m afraid there was no avoiding the steep valley – ah well good for us both I’m sure!

Two thoughts of the day:

Well we haven’t had a beach to ourselves for awhile but we’ve found plenty that are still very quiet.

Wide awake at 5am this morning thinking that Poppydog used to get me up at this time or earlier every morning when she was younger!! Mind you soon went back to sleep!

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